I occassionally, and rarely put pencil to paper or paint to canvas, although I usually manupulate or create my images on a computer with the safety of CMD+Z to correct mistakes the joy and adventure of actual artistic endeavour does happen ~ with mixed results!

Here are some computer created, or manipulated artwork I’m currently playing with;

A composite image of Aquarius Bathrooms in Howden, in need of an update, but essentially a quirky mix of real and vector artwork with a little humour injected! I intend to update this series to include other shops and imaginary scenes in the town when I get the time, the current section is out of date [Current images include REaL, which no longer exists, and Michelle Louise, which has moved premises since] it’s amazing how this town changes and how quick sometimes


A pair of Lily images I’ve yet to publish or decide what to do with, I just like them

Messing with Marilyn, a woman known for her curves, but reproduced with straight lines!

Messing with a friends image of London [credit Sam Woodcock], those red phone boxes and I believe the Royal Courts of Justice [?] in the background, iconically London!