Currently without a Home

ok don’t panic, I don’t mean the impoverished artist, at least not yet!

With the sad closing of Beaux Boutique I currently don’t have an outlet, the Shire Hall have expressed an interest after I allowed them to use my image on their brochure and hopefully they will soon have a display cabinet of local art and other goods for sale which will hopefully also include my pictures

More as it happens…


New LineScape ‘The Ashes’ available

The Ashes : A new LineScape [or simplified view] of the Minster but instead of across the cornfields, one of my more popular pictures, it’s across the Ashes Playing fields, the old pavilion in the background and the cricket pitch marked off

Again available from Beaux Boutique in Howden, usually in a modern grey or black frame


Greetings Cards now available

The following 4 designs are now available from Beaux Boutique, Marketplace, Howden

These are the 4 most popular designs of the prints for sale re-designed to fit the card format, hope you like them


20×16 Prints now available

20″x16″ ¬†‘large’ prints of two of the most popular [Howden Minster & Ashes Cricket] posters now available from Beaux Boutique

These are currently in an ‘oak’ effect frame but other colours are available such as the popular white frame

Beaux Boutique

Hi, just to say that most of these prints are available in 14″ x 11″ frames in Beaux Boutique in Howden so pop in and have a look

They are available in different colour frames to suit most locations. I will also be making a selection of larger 20″ x 16″ prints shortly

I am currently looking into creating a line of greetings cards based on these and other images and there will also be a few limited edition prints, yet to be determined, but these will be available around September time so look out for those